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Awami District Development Updates | 2024

Awami District Development Updates | 2024

Awami District development is the talk of the town due to its affordable payment plans. The Awami Block in Blue World City has recently become a part of Blue World City’s overall development plan. The developers aim to create a purpose-built tourism city that meets worldwide standards and offers its residents a comprehensive range of services and amenities. Furthermore, construction companies intend to tackle the country’s housing shortage by providing residential land at highly affordable rates. To attain this goal, the Awami Block has also become a part of the society master Plan. Including this block is their genuine endeavor to offer a residence for all families.

The BWC block in Islamabad offers the most cost-effective investment opportunity, providing a high-quality communal lifestyle. Gates enclose the community and feature a Main Boulevard that spans 208 feet wide, along with a network of paved roads. The administration strives to provide superior living conditions by offering all the fundamental yet indispensable amenities. Lastly, continue reading to learn about the latest Blue World City news.

Awami District Location

Awami Block is in Blue World, the first explicitly designed tourist metropolis. It boasts an excellent position, bordered by prominent monuments in the twin towns. It is near Rawalpindi Ring Road and the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2, about a 5-minute drive away. It presents continuous access. Moreover, it is accessible within a 10-minute drive from the CPEC Direction, improving its convenience.

The New International Airport of Islamabad is only a 20-minute vehicle distance from the society. It presents practical and reasonable transportation preferences. The strategic siting of Awami Block guarantees that occupants may easily reach essential transit hubs. Moreover, this enhances the simplicity and attractiveness of this renowned project.

Master Plan

Residential plots of 3.5 Marla and 4.5 Marla are under the Awami Block.

3.5 Marla Residential Property

The minimum plot size offered in the Awami Block is 3.5 Marla, targeted explicitly towards low-income investors. This block aims to cater to investors from the lower middle class who wish to invest in society and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, they will have access to all the amenities and services available to the other inhabitants in other community sectors.

It is important to note that all 3.5 Marla residential properties in the Awami Block sold entirely, and the developers are currently focusing on selling 4.5 Marla plots in this block. Furthermore, the organization’s Awami Block does not provide any business plots to its tenants. There are no opportunities for business investment in the Awami Block.

4.5 Marla Residential Property

The land developer of the society has newly launched Blue World City Awami block 4.5 marla in the block. Launching this housing plot aims to offer investors the most favorable investment opportunities, with the payment plan designed to accommodate their financial capacity and ease.

Awami District development

Awami Block is the most significant cost-effective section of society. It is close to the primary entrance of the complex. As to the administration, this block is developing at an accelerated rate compared to other societal blocks. The formal construction of the Awami Block commenced in mid-2022 and has been ongoing since then. A modest inaugural ceremony took place at the location of this city block to formally declare the commencement of the construction process.

The building of the grand gate of Blue World City Awami Block, which draws inspiration from the Atlantis in Dubai, is now underway. A group of architects and urban planners have surveyed the location of this building and have commenced the initial construction work. Several large machinery units are currently operational at the Blue World City Awami Block construction site, diligently working daily to flatten the terrain in preparation for future enhancements.

Why should one consider Awami Block?

When investing in Awami Block, one of the finest reasons for the Awami district development, multiple compelling factors are considerable. The following items are:

Optimal Geographical Position

It is in the Chakri interchange and M2-Motorway. Furthermore, it provides significant strategic benefits that are closely associated with CPEC.


Awami Block is specifically tailored for individuals with limited financial resources, offering them a cost-effective opportunity to engage in investment property.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The block provides a tranquil, calm, and environmentally friendly atmosphere, improving the standard of living.

Top-tier facilities & services

However, several amenities are available in the community, indicating several reasons to invest in Blue World City. The Awami Block at Blue World City offers exceptional facilities that cater to the requirements of those who live there.


The mix of affordable rates and modern conveniences in Blue World City Awami Block is attracting investors’ interest. The 4.5 Marla Residential Plots combine affordable and elegant living, making an appealing investment for significant potential returns. Seize the chance to invest now for a possibly substantial return on investment. For more details regarding Awani district development, visit the Blue World City website.