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Sports Valley Block Development Updates 2024

Sports Valley Block Development Updates 2024

Sports Valley Block Development Updates are attracting a vast number of investors from worldwide. Blue World City’s Sports Valley is an extravagant housing society development. It offers unparalleled athletic amenities, accompanied by every amenity. In addition, it provides a serene environment in which one can lead a life devoid of tension. In close proximity to the twin cities, Blue World City is near Chakri Interchange, which is on the main the Chakri Road.

Blue World City Sports Valley is Pakistan’s first athletics organization established exclusively for the country. Its objective is to promote sports tourism within the country and expand access to athletic activities for the wider populace. The Sports Valley Block will be the location of the most fantastic cricket stadium in Pakistan, which adheres to international standards. In this manner, the organization intends to encourage global travel. So, let’s explore all Sports Valley Block Development updates here.

Sports Valley Location

The Sports Valley Block is along the primary Chakri road. The society is close to the New International Airport of Islamabad and for people who travel by automobile. Further, the M-2 Motorway, which serves as the CPEC route, is nearby, which adds to the appeal.

The airport and CPEC contribute to the significance of the optimal location on both local and international levels. Soon, retail and wholesale goods markets will be established in society to enhance their value. This endeavour is close to notable locations in Rawalpindi and the capital.

Access Points

Blue World City is strategically situated to facilitate access from the twin cities and other urban centres. Key transportation sites to Blue World City are as follows:

  • It can be reached in 13 minutes by car from the Chakri M2 Toll Plaza on the M2 in Chakri, Rawalpindi.
  • Approximately 31 minutes by car, separate it from New Islamabad Airport Road, Islamabad.
  • Approximately 32 minutes by car, separate it from Rawalpindi.
  • Approximately 33 minutes by car, separate it from Islamabad.
  • Approximately 33 minutes by car separate Khanial Homes
  • Blue World City is accessible via N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Road, Rawalpindi, in approximately 48 minutes by car.
  • Accessing the Islamabad Defence Housing Authority takes approximately 57 minutes by vehicle.
  • 1 hour and 3 minutes journey will bring you to Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • It is approximately 57 minutes by car from Islamabad to Rawat.
  • Drive for approximately 1 hour and 2 minutes to reach N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab
  • Approximately sixty minutes by car from Rawalpindi to Saddar
  • Drive for roughly five minutes to reach Sihal, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • 13 minutes by car separates you from the Rawalpindi Race Club.

Plot Sizes

The Blue World City Sports Valley offers a lucrative investment opportunity that guarantees buyers access to modern amenities and an extended period of opulence. Furthermore, other properties inside the block are accessible to buyers, each of which would adequately meet their residential requirements. Moreover, all the plots available here are highly affordable because the Blue World City Sports Valley block payment plan is highly reasonable.

Determining plot dimensions will significantly impact the decision-making process in creating an optimal dwelling. The property sizes provided for this block are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

Sports Valley Block Development Updates

The Sports Valley block will soon have its biggest cricket stadium. Furthermore, various other amenities near the stadium will cater to the needs of the investors. The developers are constructing a unique and expansive cricket stadium within the community. Crucially, it is available to all residents at their convenience. An appealing and captivating feature of the cricket stadium is the proximity to commercial amenities.

The stadium is the most fascinating element of this block. Additionally, there will be a seating capacity of over 55,000 spectators, providing investors with a lifestyle that meets worldwide standards. In addition, commercial units will be located near the stadium, enhancing the assets’ value. Finally, investors from the country can make a profitable and valuable investment in the BWC. Let’s explore Sports Valley Block Development below:

Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium

Blue World City’s stadium features allow investors to enhance their long-term living standards. Furthermore, further details regarding the largest cricket stadium are as follows:

Premium Ground

One compelling argument for investing in Blue World City is the developers’ commitment to providing a high-quality space. Additionally, the optimal materials for construction and ground preparation will be accessible. The cricket stadium ground must possess high quality to facilitate the players in achieving an outstanding performance. Furthermore, the creators meet not only the requirements of local inhabitants but also those of global competitors.

Biggest cricket stadium in Pakistan

The cricket stadium will be the most sizable gaming capacity available within the community. Furthermore, the creators of the BWC strive to provide a top-tier gaming facility that caters to all investors. Moreover, the excellent housing society will accommodate 55,000 fans to enjoy the live action. The developers will offer this amenity to the distinctive Sports Valley Block neighbourhood.

LED lights without shadows

The cricket stadium will be with shadowless LED lighting in its surroundings. Additionally, these lights will help the players in the sport. The inventors endeavour to provide an ideal gaming practice for players and viewers. Consequently, high-quality lighting is in the cricket stadium.

Changing Rooms

The community will have multiple dressing rooms at its disposal. Furthermore, it will serve as the defining characteristic of the cricket stadium. There will be ample room available to accommodate all investors and meet their needs for relaxation. The supply will enable the establishment of a sustainable and wholesome cricket match for all the fans.

Optimal Location

Cricket enthusiasts, both players and spectators, would relish the sport in this venue due to its favourable position and convenient accessibility. Additionally, it will be close to Sunset Boulevard and quickly available from Defence Road. Moreover, the developers will determine accessibility by placing the estate close to the M2 Motorway and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Investors and spectators may reach these areas in only five minutes.

Sports Valley Block Development-Villaggio Mall

Villaggio Mall is an additional outstanding feature of this block. Additionally, the developers specialize in creating technology of superior quality. This building complex will serve as a representative for granting all residents the highest competence and international standard infrastructure. Everything in the community is developing according to the blue world city terms and conditions.

Open Air Gymnasium

In Sports Valley Block Development, the open gymnasium is its most prominent development. Every investor will have the opportunity to enhance how they live by providing a communal outdoor exercise centre. Furthermore, prospective residents can achieve their fitness goals by engaging in neighbourhood events. This establishment offers top-notch amenities of the utmost quality to its residents. Moreover, it ensures that each investor dedicates valuable time to their family and participates in endeavours that foster a healthy lifestyle.

The Torch Hotel

Furthermore, developers are erecting a magnificent torch hotel to augment the visual allure of this recently constructed area within the blue globe metropolis of Islamabad. Moreover, their primary goal is to offer every prospective tenant an outstanding living experience and the highest quality lifestyle achievable. In addition, investors are continually attracted to exceptional amenities to make valuable investments for the future.

Leisure Parks

The presence of entertainment venues in the neighbourhood will promote the establishment of a regular exercise regimen and practice among the residents. In addition, the investors will like the community’s serene and authentically natural existence. Like Water Theme Park Blue World City, the parks will also be an exclusive feature on the block. Therefore, this investment will enable the attainment of luxurious and health-focused lifestyle goals.

A replica of the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque Replica, the most captivating attraction of Blue World City Islamabad, is located close to the block. Moreover, it is imperative and of utmost importance for every Muslim society to visit the Mosque.  This Mosque will be integrated into the neighbourhood to assist potential inhabitants in achieving their religious goals and promote peace and calm.


The Blue World City Sports Valley make great efforts to achieve outstanding outcomes and attract the interest of investors in environmentally friendly residential investments. Furthermore, the facilities and services provided by the site and the community will help achieve the utmost living standards for all prospective residents. Primarily, the investment is remarkably cost-effective, effectively motivating investors to purchase. Therefore, it is unquestionably the foremost home investment in the country. Ultimately, the chosen course or path is crucial before making subsequent expenditures. To obtain additional information, please refer to the official website of Blue World City.