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Latest News from Blue World City 2023

Blue World City is one of the popular new neighborhoods near the Chakri Interchange. The superb location and reasonable payment plans particularly enthrall investors. Also, the housing project is known for its world-class amenities and features—the main agenda of the developers is to offer a unique yet affordable real estate investment opportunity to all investors, especially for the Twin Cities investors. New developments have happened recently in the community that might attract more investors to create a long-lasting and profitable investment opportunity. The site will also cover Blue World City News to help readers make smart financial choices.

Blue World City Latest News

The housing project is one of the fastest-developing projects, providing world-class amenities and services. Moreover, the site is at a prime location. Also, it is ideally located at the M2 Motorway Chakri Road, which makes the housing project highly accessible from the vital sites. The prospective investors can create a highly affordable yet profitable real estate investment. Most importantly, the investors can create a luxurious lifestyle in the community and attain a sustainable real estate investment.

Lastly, here are the most recent Blue World City News and developments; please see the Blue World City page for additional information, like the owners recently launched the general block phase 2.

Collaboration with Capital Smart City Interchange

Chakri Road Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and DHA, three significant housing developments, have formed a partnership. The most exciting Blue World City News and development for investors is the planned connection between Blue World City and the Capital Smart City Interchange, located on a major thoroughfare. The Blue World City will be linked to the Interchange per the agreements reached about the administration of the housing projects. Capital Smart City and the DHA can both take advantage of the Interchange.

That will significantly improve access for everyone living in the public housing complexes. Financing in Capital Smart City and Blue World City Islamabad has skyrocketed lately. In addition, the improved community investment potential directly results from this change. Chairman of Blue World City Chaudary Saad Nazir, CEO of Capital Smart City Malik Aslam, and a design crew from Singapore freshly go to the Intersection. Both developments announced the partnership on social media, inspiring potential backers to invest in the dream homes they’ve always wanted.

Lastly, just like the high accessibility, the Blue World City discount offer is also another fascinating factor that attracts a wide range of investors.

Malik Riaz & BWC Management Meetup

Mr. Malik Riaz, Chairman of Bahria Town, is a leading Pakistani property developer. Mr. Chaudhry Saad Nazir, Chairman of Blue World City, is creating Pakistan’s first tourism City and an exceptional housing development. The meeting between Chairman Malik Riaz of Bahria Town, Chairman Chaudhary Saad Nazir of Blue World City, and Naeem Ejaz in Dubai is excellent news for Blue World City’s investors.

Both developers provided various ideas and innovations for secure and sustainable investment prospects for the investors. Most importantly, they hope to make cutting-edge amenities in Blue World City accessible to all potential residents and financiers. More than that, the housing project represents a fantastic opportunity for investors. Lastly, immediately contact experienced real estate consultants for more investment options and Blue World City News.

BWC Site Visit by Sir Andrew

Sir Andrew, a world-famous stadium designer responsible for the FIFA World Cup stadium, was recently in the Blue World City. Additionally, he had viewed the housing development at the invitation of the Blue World City administration a few days before. Sir Andrew saw the Blue World City Sports Valley with Naeem Ejaz, Shoaib Akhtar, and Chaudhary Saad Nazir from city management. They went throughout the neighborhood, checking out the cricket stadium, Shoaib Akhtar Enclave, and more. Those who have already invested in the housing project and intend to relocate there will be relieved to hear that specialists oversee the community’s development.


Blue World City is one of the most talked about new communities near the metropolises. In addition, the housing project will have access to first-rate amenities and services, raising the living level for its future occupants. There have also been a few housing-related developments and Blue World City News of late. All the latest information for investors who want to build a long-term portfolio here is available in the blog. We all know there are numerous building lots and business possibilities here. Finally, if you need help investing in real estate, don’t hesitate to visit the Blue World City site or contact one of their expert real estate advisors.