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Blue World City

A blue world city is one of the modern and futuristic housing societies in the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The developers of this real estate project are the Blue Group of Companies, which know how to build mega housing projects. Moreover, this housing society has the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approval. Most importantly, location is the most appealing aspect of this development project. It is close to Chakri Interchange, M2-Motorway, Islamabad International Airport, and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

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Blue World City

Furthermore, the master plan includes a lot of plots, from residential to commercial, where Investors can find a dream home and find business opportunities. The other attractive part of investing here is the affordable payment plan. The developers’ main aim is to provide high-end living standards to residents at affordable prices. And, to meet the requirements of the investors, the blue world has several blocks, General Block, Overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, and Awami Residential Complex.

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Latest Development

The development work at blue world city is going at a high pace. Moreover, construction work of the grand entrance is starting now, and construction of the main boulevard is also happening fast. The clearing and leveling of the plots in phase 1 of the Blue World city are happening now. Furthermore, in the recent meeting between the CEO of a blue world city and Chinese apartment developers, Mr. Saad Nazir and Mr. Chang have decided to start developing the apartment building in the blue world city Islamabad.

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The information shared on the website is helpful, and the creative writing helps understand the topics so easily. Thanks for putting up such unique content.

Blue World City a renowned name in the Twin City, I just invest in their General Block.

Your page always shares the latest and knowledgeable information. It’s worth reading the articles and blogs posts. I appreciate your efforts and the hard work in bringing up such helpful content.


Security is vital to have peaceful and quality living. And, to facilitate the investors, the blue world city is here with a foolproof security system that will allow a comfortable and friendly living. Moreover, there will be guards available 24/7 to mitigate any mishap.

Prime Location

This housing society’s location is the main feature as it is close to Chakri Interchange on M2-Motorway and Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, it is just 5 Km away from Rawalpindi Rind Road. The location allows investors to benefit from various opportunities like business investments.

Gated Community

A blue world city is a beautiful housing society that aims to provide high-quality living standards to all investors and residents. And to give the sense of security, the housing society is fully secured with walls in the surrounding with the provision of CCTV Cameras.

Blue World Trade Center

The blue world trade center is the latest and unique infrastructure available to facilitate investors of Pakistan in several ways. Moreover, it will be a center for Pakistan’s real estate business. Due to its prime location and amenities, the investment here will be valuable.

Water Theme Park

This housing society facilitates the residents and the tourists around the country by its unique sites. One of the best features is the water theme park. Moreover, the Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd. collaborates with the blue world city developers to build this fun project.

Commercial Area

The housing society provides tons of amenities to its investors and residents. One of them is the provision of the commercial area; this will allow the residents to grow financially, as they can start their businesses or let the property.

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