Reasons to invest in Blue World City

Reasons to invest in Blue World City

The Blue World City is an upcoming real estate project in Islamabad. The facilities of this project make it different from other housing projects. This project was started by Blue Group of Companies, and Shan Jian municipal engineering company, a notable Chinese firm. It is locatable in Chakri road near the CPEC route.


Considering the following features, any real estate investor would want to be a part of this significant project.

Affordable Payment Plan

Blue World City is now offering residential and commercial plots at very low prices. The investors would be able to take hold of their assets with a small sum of money. The three-year and four-year instalment plans are also available. An affordable payment plan makes it easier for the investor to buy a plot before it gets more expensive. A three-to-four-year instalment plan also makes it easier for the investors to maintain the possession of their property. Payment plans are so simple that the investors would be able to take advantage.

Location near CPEC

The Blue World City is just near the CPEC route, which will also play an important role in the socio-economic growth of the whole area. The location of this project increases its worth, as it is also near to New Islamabad International Airport, and recently approved Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, it would also open up several business opportunities for the people of that area.

Water Theme Park

One of the best features that make this project a best place to live in is a water theme park. This park is going to be the largest water park in Pakistan. It would have a newly constructed pool for children along with surfing facilities. There would be several water rides too. This park is designed to meet international standards, so that the visitors have a tremendous experience.

The Blue World Water Theme Park will be an amazing tourist destination. It was founded in partnership with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co., a world-renowned Chinese company. Furthermore, China Blue World Water Theme Park is developing at 70,000 square metres of steep hills with natural silhouettes, which also beautifies the entire housing project.

Electricity in the field

Underground transmission of electricity is gaining more importance. A housing project with a reliable, powerful, and cheap power grid is worthy of investment. Such a power grid would be safe for the residents, as there would be no problem of electricity.

However, the main goal of this feature is to maintain the general stylishness of the project. Underground power would also provide additional support to the environment, especially during any unsafe situation. It can, however, preserve the cultural standards among the residents. As a result, overhead wires and lines would be practical and safe.


For the people living in Blue World City, the infrastructure would be unique, as it would be similar to Chinese-style infrastructure. Some of the real estate experts consider the uniqueness of this project’s growth parallel to China’s modern architecture inspired enlightening styles. Blue World City will be the first housing project in Pakistan with capable Chinese engineers and designers at the helm. Since the Chinese workers are experts in the execution of cutting-edge real estate projects globally, so the construction of this project can be regarded as outstanding.

Rapid Development

The project has sped up ever since its NOC approval. The developers are working with more than 100 heavy machinery pieces working around the clock to complete the project on time. The developers have already completed the main boulevard, while the main entrance gate is near completion.


Blue World City is an ideal choice for real estate investors, and the general public looking for a place to buy, or construct their dream home. The best part about this project is affordable payment plan. Nowadays, people are looking for a home in an urbanized environment with world-class facilities and natural greenery.