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Blue world City Waterfront payment plan

Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan 2024

The Blue World City Waterfront payment plan is the talk of the town. The Blue World Waterfront block fulfills all the criteria for a precious, trustworthy, and profitable investment for a better future. Additionally, it relates to all other divisions of properties in Blue World City Islamabad. Also, this is because the builders of society ensure that there is no sacrifice on the quality of living. Furthermore, the infrastructure is flawless, the location is easily accessible, the master plan is high quality, the payment plan is highly inexpensive, and the facilities are excellent. This combination makes everything dreamlike and attainable.

The Blue World City Waterfront district is a substantial sub-project that offers a wide range of complexity and variation for investors. The Block represents opulence, superb infrastructure, and cost-effective prices, making it a financially accessible investment that ensures future security.

Investment in Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s most notable residential communities. In addition, the initially established community also offers extraordinary infrastructures and luxurious amenities that represent grandeur. Furthermore, society offers many deals to reach them; check Blue world city news. Many financiers are also actively seizing the opportunity. The reason is that just a few communities in Pakistan can offer the same facilities and features as Blue World City, including all of its blocks.

Developers have consistently had a clear objective of transforming the lifestyle norms in Pakistan. Ensure that individuals from all socioeconomic strata have equal access to a lavish, high-end way of life without disparities. Furthermore, Blue World City is the pioneering residential community developed in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation, a renowned Chinese enterprise. Moreover, the partnership between these two esteemed real estate firms is hugely committed to yielding flawless outcomes. That is the exact characteristic that defines BWC investing.

Developers & Owners

In addition to possessing highly reliable and skilled developers, other aspects appeal to investors. The Blue Group of Companies has been in operation for over two decades, consistently striving for a global presence and a sophisticated way of life. Moreover, to ensure that it is attainable and feasible for individuals across all socioeconomic strata. The rationale behind considering Blue World City, including its Waterfront Block investment, as a noteworthy venture.

BWC Location

Considering all the impressive features of the Blue World waterfront block, the location element also delivers positive updates. Moreover, due to BWC’s direct accessibility through Main Chakri Road and its highly commercial nature, the blocks within it also benefit from this advantageous location. Furthermore, the area is at Sunset Avenue, which grants access to prominent sites in the twin cities.

Access points:

  • The Rawalpindi Ring Road is about a 5-minute drive away.
  • Islamabad – Lahore Motorway – Only a 5-minute drive
  • The New Islamabad International Airport is just 20 minutes away, while the CPEC trail can reach 10 minutes.

Noc Status

The construction project has submitted all the necessary documentation, and the authorizers will soon approve it. Furthermore, the housing project would receive approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Moreover, authenticity is a crucial factor that enables investors to establish long-lasting and lucrative investments. The Waterfront District’s new rates indicate that the prices are comparatively low due to the imminent approval of the NOC.

Blue World Waterfront Payment Plan 2024

The developers have recently disclosed the details of the most current payment plan for Blue World City. The fees are also realistic, and the option to pay in installments is also accessible. Furthermore, File verification of Blue World City and its rates allows investors of many different backgrounds and professions to make a beneficial investment. Finally, below are the specific specifications of the Blue World City waterfront payment plan to provide a more precise understanding from an investing perspective.

Blue World City Waterfront payment plan 6 Marla

The residential plots at Waterfront District Block are priced reasonably and offer a favorable total payment amount. Providing the complete sum in smaller portions will additionally assist investors in making a beneficial investment. The remaining six marla pricing requirements are:

  • The overall registration cost for the six marlas is PKR 2,100,000/-.
  • The downpayment for the plot is PKR 175,000.
  • The price for confirming the 6 Marla plot is 105,000/-.
  • The total amount of PKR 21,000 can divided into 40 equal monthly installments.
  • Finally, the whole amount of PKR 122,500/- is divided into eight half-yearly payments.

Water Front Payment plan for a 12 Marla plot

The 12-marla plot available for purchase in the neighborhood is priced at a very reasonable rate, offering numerous advantages for both residents and investors. Additionally, investors will be captivated by the convenience of installment options provided in the community for all individuals. Finally, the details of the payment plan are as follows.

  • The cost of the 12 Marla land is PKR 3,780,000/-.
  • The downpayment for the appropriate land size will be PKR 315,000/-.
  • The plot confirms cost with a total PKR 189,000/-value.
  • PKR 37,800/- is divided into 40 equal monthly installments.
  • Finally, the installment rate for eight half-yearly payments is 220,500 PKR.

Payment plan for an 18 Marla Plot

The 18-marla plot size is high in demand. An internationally standardized living experience will be available at relatively affordable rates, with easily manageable installments. Here are additional comprehensive details.

  • The plot’s total payment amount is PKR 5,040,000/-.
  • The downpayment for the 18 Marla land is PKR 420,000/-, the most convenient amount.
  • The investors must remit a sum of PKR 252,000/- as a confirmation payment for the plot.
  • The investors are required to make 40 monthly payments of PKR 50,400/-.
  • Finally, the eight semiannual payments amount to PKR 294,000/-.

5 Marla Commercial Property Payment Plan

Commercial properties are highly sought-after by prospective residents and investors since they offer various opportunities to establish and operate multiple business ventures. Spending in the waterfront Block is a beneficial opportunity for considerable asset returns.

  • The aggregate registration expense for the five Marla business properties amounts to PKR 9,600,000/-.
  • An affordable first payment of PKR 800,000/- is also offered.
  • The amount of PKR 480,000/- serves as confirmation for the commercial site.
  • The total cost of the item is PKR 96,000, which can also divided into 40 equal monthly payments.
  • Finally, the total amount of eight semiannual payments is PKR 560,000/-

Significant features of Blue World Waterfront

Several fundamental characteristics of BWC Waterfront include opulence and grandeur. The district offers many benefits, including a promising and secure future and exceptional development infrastructure designs. Moreover, society covers everything, such as Water Theme Park Blue World City, which is known as one of the most famous features. Once again, a significant portion of it revolves around lakes and landscapes. Following are some additional items included:

  • Aquatic activities
  • Cinema
  • Dancing Fountain
  • A floating restaurant
  • Enclosed Residential Area
  • Spacious and well-maintained roadways
  • Advanced and Robust Security System


The Blue World Waterfront block payment plan is the epitome of a significant investment. Moreover, it provides investors with a comprehensive range of amenities in one location and at highly competitive rates. Acquiring property and investing in real estate is a rare opportunity that arises only a few times in one’s career. Thus, it is crucial to constantly make sensible investment decisions. For more information regarding the Blue World City Waterfront payment plan, visit our Blue World City website.