How to Check File Verification of Blue World City

How to Check File Verification of Blue World City

How to Check File Verification of Blue World City

Blue World City is one of the elite housing projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, this project promotes the idea of an affordable luxurious lifestyle. So, all the residents, even the ones abroad, would be able to buy a new home in the Blue World City. Earlier, this project faced some problems regarding the No Objection Certificate with Rawalpindi Development Authority, but it is now resolved. Now, it is safe to invest in this project due to NOC approval.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City is a modern real estate project in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This housing project was started by Blue Group of companies, and Shah Jian Municipal Company, a prominent Chinese engineering firm. The best part of Blue World City that it provide homes to every citizen of Pakistan at cheap rates. Other than that, its location is also reachable for the people of twin cities. The neighboring areas of this project are M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport.

Saad Nazir is the President of this housing project. Furthermore, several other real estate professionals are part of its development process. The master plan of this real estate venture is planned to facilitate the investors and future residents.

Location & Map

The location is one of the factors for which the investors pay in a housing project. Moreover, the Blue World City Location is reachable for the people of twin cities. This project is adjacent to M2-Motorway, and the new Islamabad International Airport. Other areas close to this project are Chakri road and Srinagar highway.

How to Check the File Verification of Blue World City

The investors must verify the file before getting it. Some of the real estate experts claim that Blue World City would introduce such world class facilities that have not been seen in Pakistan before. Other than that, this project is lawful by the RDA, so the legal transference of files would not be a problem due to Blue World City NOC. The file verification of this project is the most straightforward method.

Online File Verification

In the present era, where every work is done with the help of online internet, the blue world city also has an online registration process, which ensures that the investors benefit from it. Therefore, with the support of an online portal, the investors can check the online verification of their Blue World City’s file. Online verification of the file plays a crucial role to avoid any mistake. The online file verification link of Blue World City is The interested investors should click on this link for the registration. Soon after that, some options such as Enter Form Number, or Security number would appear on the screen. Apart from that, it would be easy to look for the earlier records of this project.

Certificate Ballot Status

After the registration, Blue world city offers the Status of Certificate ballots. The investors can verify their Ballot Status through the official website. It is a simple process, and for that, the investors only need to click on the link. After that, they have to enter their correct data. Soon after that, they would get their official Certificate Ballot Status.

Online Verification Registration Certificate

The last step is getting the Online File Verification Registration Certificate from the official website of Blue World City. The investors should enter their respective form numbers to get the verification certificate. This process is similar to the first step of registration. The online process builds the confidence of stakeholders’ more, as they feel safe about their investment in Blue World City. Furthermore, such innovation would attract more real estate investors within a few hours.


File verification is a crucial factor of any housing project. Therefore, it is vital to consider every aspect mentioned above to verify the file of the plots. Furthermore, the Blue World City lies close to the twin cities, which makes it a feasible site for the real estate investment. The online file verification makes it simpler for investors from the other parts of Pakistan, or overseas to verify their files from their respective places. There would not be any need for them to travel to Islamabad for file verification. Whatever the legal problems of any housing project are, it would be better to go through online verification to avoid those problems.