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How can Overseas buy a Plot in Blue World City

How can Overseas buy a Plot in Blue World City ?

Blue World City is an upcoming elite real estate project in Islamabad. It is a huge project by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a Chinese firm. This housing project would be nearby Chakri Interchange and the upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road. Currently, it is one of the main projects with inexpensive rates within the twin cities. This housing project enjoys huge popularity among real estate experts.

It is then further separated into several sectors, i.e., Residential, Commercial, or Overseas. The Overseas Block is one of the most advanced sectors that provides a lavish lifestyle. The Overseas Block would be reserved for overseas citizens only.

NOC Status

The District Council had approved the No Objection Certificate of this project on 13th December 2021. After months of negotiations, both parties had agreed to the NOC issue. This latest news has increased the confidence of its investors. The prices of the plots would further increase after the approval of NOC.

Location and Map

The Blue World City Location is ideal, as it is locatable in Chakri Road near the CPEC route. The government is planning a road in that route that would connect the Islamabad airport to Bahria Town. The purpose of the road is to make it easier for the residents of Blue World City to get to the GT road and the Islamabad highway within a few minutes.

Blue World City Overseas Block 

After getting reasonable success in other sectors, the developers are offering another golden investment chance. The reason for developing an Overseas Block is to cater to overseas Pakistanis mainly. It will be a stylish sector, as it would have amenities that have not been seen anywhere in Pakistan before. The overseas Pakistanis have a good chance to invest in a residential place of their dream, where they would easily live on their visit to Pakistan. 

How can Overseas buy a plot in Blue World City?

The developers are reserving this Block for overseas Pakistanis only. The overseas Pakistanis have a chance of building a home, so that they easily reside somewhere safe during their trip. The investors may pay in 40 monthly instalments, 16 quarterly instalments, and eight semi-annual instalments. Below is the payment plan for Overseas Block.

Files Required to Purchase a Plot

The investors must do the following things to purchase a plot in the overseas Block.

  • A copy of the purchaser’s National Identity Card, and the National Identity Card of the person next to them.
  • A Passport size photograph.
  • Booking fee.

Before investing in this real estate project, there are other things to look at. First, before anything, the investors must guarantee that their debts are paid on time, so they do not face any trouble purchasing the property. Secondly, the investors buy the existing plots fast. So, investing now would be a suitable better option. At last, this Block has plenty of facilities, so one invests here, for better returns.


The Blue World Overseas block investors would get much of a return. They have a golden opportunity to build a dream home for their comfort. It enjoys great importance among the real estate investors due to its ideal location with world-class facilities. Moreover, this housing project also gives investment opportunities to individuals from other countries. That’s why this project has an executive block for overseas citizens where all types of amenities, from ease to luxury, are available. In addition to paying for plots directly, there is also a reasonable payment plan instalment. Whether the real estate investor lives inside or outside Pakistan, this Block is available for everyone.